A Cheesesteak Sandwich And A Beer Walk Into A Bar…And The Rest Is History!

The good kind of history. Not the kind that made you fall asleep in class. This is the kind of history that makes you reach for the tissues to wipe away a tear from the sheer joy of reading about the epic love story between the cheesesteak sandwich and the beer!

Once upon a time, Charlie and Ann Fisher, (Charann’s! See what they did there?) fell in love, got married, and had a family. One of their children, Tampa’s Famous Cheesesteak Sandwich, was soon followed by Chicken Wings, Fries, and House-Made Chips.

The Best Cheesesteak Sandwich in Tampa grew up to honor his Philly heritage in the best way he knew how – he married Beer in a beautiful ceremony in the Full Liquor Bar. They held their reception on the outdoor patio at Charann’s Tavern, so that their dogs could attend the party too.

In March of 2000, Charann’s was handed over to Karin Murphy. Karin takes her responsibilities seriously and continues to run one of the best dog-friendly bars in Tampa. On a week night, you can usually find Cheesesteak Sandwich hanging out with Charann’s loyal customers on the bench made from hockey sticks or sitting with Beer during happy hours between 4pm and 8pm (and all day Saturday and Sunday).

What Does the Future Hold for Our Favorite Couple?

Cheesesteak Sandwich and Beer can always be found sitting at the bar or at one of the game tables in the restaurant and have become local celebrities in the Tampa community. They take their legacy seriously and enjoy spending time with the Charann’s regulars every day.

But the story of the best tavern in Tampa, Florida, doesn’t end there, and the bar and food aren’t the only fun things that Charann’s Tavern has to offer. Charann’s is a family-friendly bar with something for everyone. Even the family dog is welcome on the outdoor patio – why should they miss out on all the fun?

Charann’s Tavern is the sports bar and grill that answers the question, “Where’s the best bar food near me?” But not just the best bar food. Charann’s also has the best dining tables to eat that food from. Classic board games are mounted inside the tables, so you can teach the young’uns about the good ole days before video games and virtual reality.

Did They Forget to Mention That They Offer NFL Ticket?

The family at Charann’s Tavern love their sports which is why there are TVs all over the bar and restaurant, and even on the outdoor patio. They don’t like to miss a single play. They’ve got the NFL, NHL, NCAA, and MLB games and you’ve got an open invitation to join them for kickoff, all season!

Once the game’s over, you can show off your sports knowledge at trivia night. Tampa locals love a good competition of any kind. If Tampa trivia isn’t your thing, you can try some Tampa tunes on their jukebox featuring thousands of songs.

All that celebrating, competing, and singing is sure to make you hungry. Tampa’s favorite classic bar, Charann’s Tavern, has something delicious to fill that empty tummy. They’re the home of the original Tampa Cheesesteak Sandwich, so don’t accept any substitutions! Only Charann’s has that hint of Philly that we all know and love.

Where Can You Find Charann’s Tavern?

Charann’s Tavern is easy to find. Follow the delicious aroma of cheesesteak and chicken wings, and you’ll find yourself at the Home Depot Shopping Plaza at the intersection of Hillsborough and Memorial Hwy.

Whether it’s a special event, a family outing, or a night out with friends, Charann’s Tavern guarantees you’ll have a great time, with good food, good people, and a friendly atmosphere.

Cheesesteak Sandwich and Beer would love to see you!

Karin and her staff would also love to hear from you, so come on by!

TAMPA, FL 33615